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Monitoring Adds Syslog Integration

Syslog Integration for Datacenter/ Service Provider Product Group

Client Center for Enterprise Released

  Let Nexidyne power your brand and instantly provide your customers with a professional online portal for your organization, giving them access with real time metrics, reporting and product support. Bridging the gap between business and technology our system can serve as a central point to not only manage clients but what infrastructure they are […]

Managed Office Server

Managed Office Server Nexidyne-DS-SOHOProtect your business’s digital assets with our Managed Network File Server Nexidyne DS-R3Expand your power and relibility with Raid 5 and up to 4 TB of storage Nexidyne DS-R5Power and relibility with Hardware Raid 5 and up to 8 TB of storage Nexidyne File Servers Prepare You For Anything The processing power […]

Managed DNS Platform Released

Nexidyne partnered with major Global Content Delivery Networks provide authoritative name servers on an IP Anycast network, where servers respond globally for domain names using the closest name server to the querying client. Whether your IP addresses are dynamic or static, DNS Made Easy can provide your domain the best DNS resolution available with sub […]

Safeguard your Company

Incremental Hourly Backups Having a secure offsite backup is essential to protecting your business or organization. Our new and exciting technology takes this concept one step farther by providing hourly snapshots of your network file server. This protects you against Accidental Deletion File Corruption Malicious Viruses Fire/Theft Available to you 24/7 through our new online […]