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Set Custom Message Settings

These settings are used to format the quick link messages () when you send an email to someone. The following are the special tokens that will be replaced with the users information or with the settings from your account. <%companyname%> is replaced with your company name <%domainlink%> is replaced with a link to your online […]

Set Mysql Root Password

MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases. For more information on MySQL, you can visit their website at How to configure MySQL Log into MySQL mysql -u root Set the root user password for all local domains SET PASSWORD FOR […]

Adding A Network Drive in Windows 7

Adding a Network Drive in Windows 7 Adding a Network drive can be accomplished by a two step process. First you setup the server to allow the user then you add the network drive to the windows 7 computer. Step 1 – Sharing the Drive from your Server Step 2 – Adding the Network Drive […]

Sonicwall Firewall – How to Add SNMP Community String

Log into the Sonicwall via web address configured for management The WAN management interface must allow access for SNMP traffic to transverse from the outside. From the Menu tree Select Network, Interfaces, and the Configuration Icon under WAN row Under the ManagementRow, Check the SNMPbox, and Click OK Next enable the SNMP the agent. From […]