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Sonicwall Firewall – How to Add SNMP Community String

  1. Log into the Sonicwall via web address configured for management Untitled
  2. The WAN management interface must allow access for SNMP traffic to transverse from the outside. From the Menu tree Select Network, Interfaces, and the Configuration Icon under WAN row Untitled2
  1. Under the ManagementRow, Check the SNMPbox, and Click OK Untitled4
  2. Next enable the SNMP the agent.

From the Menu tree Select System, Administration, scroll down and check the box for Enable SNMP, and then click the Configure… button.

  1. Enter the device information, SNMP community string, and then click OK. In this example, I’m using the snmp community string name monitor Untitled3

Now the Sonicwall is now ready to be monitored using SNMP.