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System Monitoring Platform

Enterprise architectures are designed expecting individual components to fail while keeping the supported service up and running. An integral part of this is monitoring the individual components, so that they can be quickly isolated and repaired to restore the platform to its state of redundancy. For this purpose we have re-engineered our datacenter grade, monitoring platform and tailored it for SMB use. This key component is built into our Managed Office Server, and it can also be utilized for your existing infrastructure; monitoring your servers, applications and internet connectivity.

Benefits of using Nexidyne Monitoring Solutions

  • Software as a service means no extra work or expenditures for you
  • Easy setup – based on collectd and managed with our custom software
  • Cross Platform server monitoring – Collect statistics and provide alerts on your complex heterogeneous environment
  • On-the-fly detailed analysis – Recieve reports on the whole picture instead of numerous plugin failures
  • Scale as you grow – Monitor 2 servers for free and scale up as you grow