Customizable Geo-Spatial Editor

The customizable Geo-Spatial Editor provides a platform to manage GIS assets between departments and organizations Specialized feature sets that are shared by the Trip Planning application; such as stops, park & rides, and landmarks are handled seamlessly between the editor and Trip Planning application so that updates can be pushed live and easily distributed. This module is meant to serve as a bridge between internally managed feature layers and external GIS applications. To assist in this inoperability, feature sets can be downloaded in a variety of formats as well as directly connected via a query layer in ESRI’s ArcGIS or postgres connection in QGIS.

Specialty layers have the ability to be automatically post processed. Handlers can be added in such as Landmarks are automatically imported into our geocoding / reverse-geocoding engine. Bike routes and stops are automatically synced to be visible on the Trip Planner and the route editing system.