Global Threat Detection and Response Infrastructure

Nexidyne continually audits and conducts internal penetration testing on all of our infrastructure.  As a company that strives for continual innovation, this process helped us to identify new technologies that we now utilize to protect our systems as well as our clients’ systems.

Off-the-shelf firewalls systems typically provide two or three intrusion detection and prevention mechanisms that are either firewall-based or signature-based.  This approach lacks a deep understanding of what is transpiring throughout the backend systems.

From our knowledge of backend systems, Nexidyne created a much more robust system of security.  By leveraging the established centralized logging infrastructure that we use to monitor our applications, we were able to build a system that not only analyzes network traffic, but also has insight into how the backend systems are reacting.  Through many enumerations and red-team-blue-team exercises, Nexidyne now offers a set of continuously evolving rulesets that we customize for the intricacies of your environment.

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