MetroCloudAlliance – Public Transit

The MetroCloudAlliance has been specially designed to provide transportation agencies with a turn-key solution for route maintenance, trip planning interfaces, real-time processing and hosting services. Our services and staff will provide the necessary resources to quickly integrate, deploy, customize, and manage the data for your transportation agency.

  • Modular web-based management tools that evolves with Agency’s Requirements
  • Interactive editing of datasets with advanced mapping capabilities
  • Access surrounding information to optimize networks
  • High Availability Infrastructure Design
  • Cloud Services / Hybrid Cloud / Hosting Network

Transit agencies have an ever-expanding range of data that is required to efficiently manage operations. To assist in this effort, the MetroCloudAlliance has created a wide range of modules to address some of the most common needs with many more under development.

Each module maintains a specific aspect of the Transit Providers data, creating an eco-system where information can be created, edited, cross-connected, and published.

Our current set of modules include:

  • Route Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Customizable Advanced Trip Planner
  • Displays Module
  • Service Alerts
  • Location Management (Vehicle Stop Locations)
  • Map Assets Database
  • Realtime Feed Aggregator
  • Arrival Prediction Engine

All of this information (where appropriate) is published for 3rd party consumption through API’s, GTFS, GTFS-RT, and digital assets. Details and documentation on using these feeds can be accessed from our website via: