Transit Operations Manager

The Transit Operations Management Module of our platform provides operational intelligence to vehicle operations in-situ and spanning agency wide. Integrated with our the rest of our platform operations is directly connected to vehicle locations, detour and service changes, vehicle stop location modifications and much more providing realtime operational intelligence.


Driver Sign-on

Capturing information directly from the source our interface provides users with a quick easy way to sign on to trips and automatically are notified of any service changes that could potentially affect their route.


Vehicle Dataflow Validation

Cross connecting multiple sources of information sign-on information, scheduled trips, detours are automatically cross validated to ensure the vehicle trips that are recorded reflect real world events.


Automated Reporting

Detailed reports are produced clearly describing how closely realworld events matched what was scheduled. This information is then digested by our analytics platform to provide the users with the ability to do AD-HOC queries aginst the events and drill down to analyze events that take place.


Cancellations / Detours

Merging interfaces with our Event Management Module the cancellations interface provides a application optimized method to record and track cancellations and detours.